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Switch the Colors

April 18, 2014

this is all so scripted, i’m having a hard time believing this shit tbh

April 18, 2014



it’s the premise of spoiled white kids being sent to other countries to be “straightened out” that makes me uncomfortable. like…couldn’t they ship them to iowa or something?

yeah everything about this is racist as fuck but im gonna amuse myself with this video anyway

I’m sure everyone knows this, but this is a remnant of colonialism. Whenever kids in England or France or what have you did something bad or shameful to the family they would be sent to the colonies.

wait i actually didn’t know this, wtf?? that’s ridiculous.

April 18, 2014

i have soooo much secondhand embarrassment from this video

April 18, 2014

it’s almost 1am and i’m watching an episode of ‘world’s strictest parents’ set in gurgaon, india (where i live)

i am utter trash basically and idk why people follow me