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April 23, 2014

ppl at my work are discussing how great ‘heart of darkness’ is


April 23, 2014

padarnaalat replied to your post: “i’m watching bob’s burgers and they spend like a good five minutes of…”:
although i dont remember anything about child molestation…
padarnaalat replied to your post: “i’m watching bob’s burgers and they spend like a good five minutes of…”:
the show is funny but its really transphobic and a lot of their jokes can be fucked up

yeah there were funny parts but at one point bob told one of his kids he couldn’t get molested because he was fat or s/t?? idk it was fucked up

April 23, 2014

i’m watching bob’s burgers and they spend like a good five minutes of the first episode joking about child molestation….


April 23, 2014


when white people get called on racism they wanna try and get philosophical like “what exactly IS a white person?”


April 22, 2014


In the United States of America there are no workers. Everything from media to politicians to everyday discourse to Hollywood signifies towards this curious absence. There are CEOs and a large, nebulous middle class” and then the entirely destitute portions of the population such as the homeless. The ways in which this overwriting permeates social justice discourse (not only on tumblr) is painfully obvious. People at Occupy wall street and all over the country with the exception of maybe Oakland railed at the “destruction of the middle class” and the impossibilty of “making it in America”, I.e. attaining the suburban lifestyle or maybe, if you’re from a major city, a life of urban postgrad semi prestige. Since the 70s, it seems, America has been a populist haven of an aspiring middle class, everyone, whether indebted or finally full homeowners, thought they had achieved the heralded petty bourgeois fantasy.

Nevermind the complete ignorance the average American hosts regarding the violent precarity of immigration work, the invisibility of working people in all facets of society has never been so obvious. I noticed this when I went to see batman last year. The bourgeois anxiety over revolution and presenting it as total chaos in the face of order that batman, the libertarian superhero, must restore with his well earned fortune and resources, was palpable. The presentation of revolutionaries as escaped convicts and the dregs of society, versus the rational well-meaning beacon of individualist justice that is batman, was all the more baffling in its being situated in the contemporary setting of New York city, one of the most densely working class metropoles in the country. The demographics presented were the conspiring politicians, a common libertarian trope, the wealthy superhero with ration self-interest, the chaotic and often ‘fascistic’-seeming “rebels” versus the courageous police. And then there was catwoman, clearly a working person but not contextualized as belonging to any stratum of society, but rather as an outsider, a trope since pre-industrial capitalist times like Hugo’s and his bread thief.

It is alarming that Americans find these themes palatable and that they still buy into these narratives of justice solely predicated on middle class security for them and their boring heteronormative families. Something’s gotta give though, because the relative economic and material security middle class people have come to enjoy, and which they have seen confiscated since 2008, was based in influx of value (in the Marxist sense) from economic and political imperial exploitation of the entire global south and developing countries of the world.

Start thinking radically and stop voting democrat, please. For the richest country in the world, this is one the most deluded and warped in terms of conceptualizing justice and liberation in narrow u.s.-centric and isolationist terms. Whatever Americans gain economically is usually at the expense of other superexploited nations and people. Your narcissism re the absence of more than two classes will soon be put to an end.