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May 4, 2013

"if jensen is uncomfortable with destiel and doesn’t want questions about it, that’s his prerogative!"

"actors don’t owe us anything!"

i’m seeing so many posts like these on my dash??!!

guys STOP

you can like destiel and jensen without going to great lengths to defend how problematic he is

jensen is heterosexist sorry to break it to you but he is

he has said a lot of very shitty things

it doesn’t matter that he’s from texas or that he had a conservative upbringing

he’s not an ignorant 13 year old

he is a grown man who needs to be held accountable for his actions 

(not that 13 year olds should get a free pass to do what they want but you get my point)

i don’t know if the screening lady at the con made the decision herself to not allow the questions or if the orders came from jensen

but the point is - if they’re actually banning legit discourse about queer relationships (re: destiel) or queer readings of characters (re: bi!dean)

that is a fucking problem

think about it for a second

why is jensen so uncomfortable with such questions? has he ever made the same request for questions about dean and anna? or dean and lisa??

have the screening people at cons banned questions about cas and meg? (this isn’t your excuse to shit on meg so don’t do that)

it is literally the idea of his character being in a same-sex relationship that bothers him

why are you defending that

people need to be called out on such things. educated about them.

fandom really doesn’t need to be redoubling its efforts to keep all the wonderful meta, fanfiction, fanart etc away from the actors

come on people

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    i feel like you missed the point of my post entirely fans ask questions about destiel because the show queerbaits the...
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    Or maybe he’s really tired of answering Destiel questions and would rather talk about anything else because that topic...
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    ty for summing that up
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    "i can excuse crappy behavior by hiding behind legitimate social justice buzzwords"
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    Read this in full. The OP is exhibiting an example of cognitive dissonance
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    1. You want to have these questions asked of him about his character’s potential relationships. 2. The questions are...
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    I can say as a famous person I sure hate hearing about edgy tween fanfic written about myself.
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    Just gonna throw in that I have now witnessed this shit first hand at a Misha Collins panel and jesus christ people...
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    bishoujo—senshi: or you know…maybe he is sick of all the awful fans ruining the show
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    oh jesus fucking tapdancing christ I hate tumblr so much
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    This just falls into my standard policy of not engaging with anyone who uses a slur.
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    gonna have to second clark, he has been hearing this annoying shit since castiel was introduced. of course he doesnt...
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    wtf who jacks off the fanfiction/fanart - not shaming anyone who does, it’s just not really…super common, as far as i...
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    not harass, criticize they’re obviously terrified you’d help them improve by pointing out problematic elements they’re...